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Postmortem. There’s a good chance you ’ve heard this word before. occasionally the press might use it in the days leading up to and after celebrity sepultures. perhaps you ’ve heard of people winning awards posthumously ahead. maybe a favorite music artist or author has released a work posthumously.
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What Does Posthumous Mean?
How to Use Postmortem in a judgment
Different Types of Postmortem Recognition
exemplifications of Postmortem Recognition or Releases

That said, the fact that you ’ve heard the word postmortem does n’t inescapably mean you know what it refers to. For illustration, perhaps you ’re wondering what exactly makes a postmortem reader or award different from any other?

This companion will exfoliate some light on the subject. The following information will give you with a description of the word, an overview of where it comes from, and a many exemplifications of postmortem achievements and workshop.
What Does Posthumous Mean?

Merriam- Webster offers three delineations of postmortem. They are

“ born after the death of the father ”
“ published after the death of the author ”
“ following or being after death ”

The alternate two delineations represent the current popular operation of the term. For case, if a publishing company releases an author’s book after they die, it would qualify as a postmortem release.

Or, if a person wins an award after their death, we’d say they entered the award posthumously.

The Latin word “ posthumus ”( an revision of “ postumus ”) gives us the word we’ve moment. The nonfictional description of the original Latin word is “ posterior. ”

The spelling only changed from postumus to posthumus( and, ultimately, postmortem) when people began using the word to relate to commodity being after a person’s death. This redounded in numerous associating the term with the words “ guck ”( earth) and “ humare ”( to bury). This illustration also illustrates how word meanings can change over time grounded on the way people use them.
How to Use Postmortem in a judgment

The following exemplifications of rulings with the word postmortem( as well as “ posthumously ”) may help you better appreciate its meaning as well as better understand how to use it in your own speech and jotting. also, one illustration then will illustrate how some may use postmortem figuratively.

“ The star, who sorely passed down beforehand last time, entered a postmortem Academe Award for Stylish Actor at last night’s Oscars form. ”
“ The songster’s postmortem release consists of songs they recorded several weeks previous to their death in 2008. ”
“ Although the author completed a draft of the novel before their recent end, the publishing company has n’t yet determined whether they will release it posthumously, as family members state the author had planned on revising it. ”
“ Although several members of the fortified forces have entered the order of Honor while still living, it can also be a postmortem honor if the philanthropist failed in combat or else passed before the military officially honored the full graveness of their benefactions. ”
“ The distant thunder indicated the lightning storm was by also probably a postmortem trouble. ”( Note This is an illustration of a tropological use of the word.)
“ Although the King passed about two weeks latterly, the Queen did ultimately bear a postmortem heir at law. ”

Different Types of Postmortem Recognition

Postmortem recognitions come in a wide range of forms. The following are among the more well- known
Postmortem awards

numerous types of awards, similar as an Academy Award or Grammy, may be postmortem. The associations who set eligibility rules for similar awards will generally determine whether a person can admit one after their end. Historically, associations similar as the Academy of Motion Picture trades and lores have also changed their rules for postmortem awards over the times.
Postmortem military honors

As one of the illustration rulings above substantiated, the order of Honor( the loftiest honor in the American service) can be given posthumously. still, colorful colors and associations reserve some honors simply for departed stagers.

For illustration, in 1977, the Sons of Belligerent stagers created the Belligerent order of Honor. Naturally, this could only be a postmortem award, as all Belligerent dogfaces had failed by the time the SCV created it.

The Dag Hammarskjöld Medal is another illustration of an simply postmortem honor. Although not rigorously for military labor force, military labor force are frequently its donors. It honors those who failed while serving in United Nations peacekeeping operations.
Postmortem books

generally, a book does n’t hit shelves incontinently after its author has finished writing and editing it. Publishers will consider a range of factors when deciding when to publish a book. For illustration, they may stay to release a book to insure it does n’t have to contend with another forthcoming release for the same followership.

therefore, occasionally an author will die before the publication of one of their workshop. also, there have been cases when family members, experimenters, or associates of a departed author find unknown workshop they noway submitted for publication. Publishers may decide to release these workshop as well.

A book is just one illustration of a work that others may release after its creator’s end. There are also numerous exemplifications of postmortem compendiums , flicks, plays, and analogous workshop.
exemplifications of Postmortem Recognition or Releases


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A simple description of the word postmortem might not be enough to completely express the conception’s overall meaning. Luckily, these exemplifications can

Heath Ledger’s Oscar Win

numerous actors, filmmakers, and other Hollywood numbers have entered postmortem Academy Award wins or nominations over the course of the film assiduity’s history. Heath Ledger’s illustration is worth including on this list because it’s recent, and because utmost compendiums can presumably flash back hearing about it when it first happed.

That’s not to say his heritage stopped there. The posterior postmortem compendiums American VI Ain’t No Grave and ever Words also showcased collections of songs that Cash noway released before his death in 2003.
Jochen Rindt’s Unique Posthumous Achievement

It’s easy to understand how a novel or reader can get a postmortem release if the artist behind it completed the work prior to dying. still, it’s delicate to imagine a sports figure earning a postmortem award in a competitive order. True, some sports stars might admit postmortem honorary awards in their honor, but the nature of competition means you need to be alive to win, right?

That’s generally the case. still, occasionally there are exceptions.

Consider the illustration of Jochen Rindt. This rising star in the racing world won the Formula One World Championship in 1970 despite tragically dying in a crash before the crown was over. still, Rindt was so professed behind the wheel that by that time, he’d formerly earned enough points to make him come out on top once the crown eventually ended.

Keep in mind this wasn’t a forthcoming conclusion. There was technically still enough time in the crown for other motorists to ultimately earn further points than Rindt. None managed to do so. As a result, Rindt is still the only Formula One motorist to win the World Championship posthumously.
Military Honors



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It may come as no surprise that multitudinous colors throughout the world( and history) have awarded honors posthumously. The veritably nature of military honors frequently involves monumentalizing those who made the ultimate immolation on the battleground.

For illustration, in 1862, President Abraham Lincoln inkedS.J.R.No. 82, creating the order of Honor. utmost consider this the loftiest military honor members of the American fortified forces can admit in recognition of heroism against any combatants.

Although living stagers and active duty service members can admit the order of Honor, since its creation, the service has also constantly awarded it posthumously. When this occurs, the current chairman will present the award to the surviving loved bones
of the person entering it.
Postmortem Keeping People Alive After Death

Hopefully this companion has helped you more easily understand exactly what the word “ postmortem ” means. maybe more importantly, it may have served as a memorial that, indeed when a person dies, they may continue to live on in their work and in our recollections.

Looking to read further about postmortem accomplishments? Read our attendants on postmortem compendiums and posthumously published books and compilations.

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