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The burial assiduity has traditionally offered families little guidance or direction when planning for end- of- life requirements. Because of this, numerous families find themselves unrehearsed when facing a loved one’s death.

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description of Death Tech or Death Technology
Popular Death Tech Companies and Startups
As opposed to marriages, sepultures need to be planned fleetly and are occasionally unanticipated. This immediate need creates a situation where families are anticipated to make hundreds of opinions to recognize the life of a loved one in the space of hours. They’re also faced with spending thousands that they may not have.

These issues have long was, but with the increase of deaths due to COVID- 19 and growing exchanges centered on death, new companies are starting to stand in the gap. Death tech companies are just starting to grow, but they ’re determined to help make the end- of- life planning process easier on individualities and families likewise.

description of Death Tech or Death Technology
Death technology can be resolve into two main orders. The first order is technology as it applies to styles of final disposition. Traditionally, this would have been technology related to cremation or burial. moment, it’s a much further encompassing order that we ’ll expand on below.

The alternate order refers to technology that provides people with tech and services related to end- of- life planning. This space in the technology world is growing fleetly with companies and startups filling gaps in the end- of- life space endured by families, the terminally ill, and those planning for their mortality.

Technology related to final disposition
When it comes to styles of final disposition, there have historically been two options including traditional burial and cremation. Traditional burial meant a person was placed into a casket in the ground and buried in a cemetery plot or tomb. Cremation meant that a loved bone
was cremated and their cremains were given back to a family member who also held onto them in a traditional charnel .

rather of being the only options, traditional cremation and burial are now part of a long list of varied burial options and burial druthers
. What options and druthers
are available?

In addition to traditional burial and cremation, you can now take advantage of options like aqua cremation, eco cremation, green burials, and tree cover burials.

Cremains can be placed into tree- growing capsules, darned into packets of wildflower seeds, or compressed into marks that you can keep on your nightstand. You can also buy cremation jewelry to keep some of your loved bones
cremains with you. There are indeed companies that produce 3D novelty coffins so you can keep your loved one’s ashes in a small replica of their favorite truck or a pet’s remains in a look- suchlike model of the canine or cat.

Burials have evolved from traditional casket burials to natural or green burials in the wild, recomposition burials, burials in a cloak, and burials in a suit made of mushrooms to prop the body’s natural corruption.

Whether you want your death to have a lighter environmental impact, you want to give back and produce commodity from your body, or you simply want the freedom and inflexibility that ultramodern options give, you can rest assured that your body will be treated well.

Technology related to end- of- life planning
With the rise of deaths and limitations of gathering together or burial planning due to COVID- 19, families around the world have been faced with questions about end- of- life planning. How do they gather together when they need to stay far piecemeal? How do they recognize their loved one’s final wishes? And, more constantly, what were their loved one’s final wishes?

Death is commodity each of us knows is incoming at some point. Unfortunately, utmost people would rather put off the mortality discussion rather of facing it head- on. Because of this, death catches numerous families off- guard.

Questions about final wishes, cemetery plots, life insurance, styles of final disposition, and honorary preferences are each left unanswered by the person who passed away. There’s also the difficulty of not being suitable to gather together due to illness, age, and distance. This leaves individualities feeling isolated and lonely, wishing for help to navigate their grief while the rest of the world inescapably marches on.

The death tech assiduity has started to grow with numerous companies trying to address these veritably issues. Death tech companies include those that

Help with the end- of- life planning process
give end- of- life legal guidance
give online grief remedy
give online monuments
give virtual sepultures and honorary services
Offer tools and coffers to guide familiespost-loss
Death tech companies that offer these services do so via an online platform with stoner-friendly websites, tools, and apps that families can pierce anywhere in the world.

Popular Death Tech Companies and Startups
Now that you know what death tech is each about, we ’ll dive into several companies and startups that offer the products and services we mentioned over.

cutlet is a unique incipiency in that we concentrate on furnishing you with a full suite of end- of- life planning products and tools. We believe that end- of- life planning is a gift when done ahead and should n’t be a agony if you need to gather information due to an immediate need. We also believe that end- of- life planning should be concentrated on celebrating the life that was lived and recognizing a person’s memory and heritage.

cutlet offers a wide variety of end- of- life andpost-loss products including

An end- of- life planning tool to help you make plans
Apost-loss roster to help you navigate the way to take after a loss
An expansive library with a wealth of information handed by experts
A forum where you can ask for and offer advice
Advance directive forms for each state
Estate planning and will creation tools
Online keepsake runner creation tools

At cutlet, we want to help you and yours navigate the sways and outs of planning for a good death, setting up end- of- life plans, and recognizing loved bones
in the most meaningful way possible.

GoodTrust helps individualities and families secure their digital footmark, keeping digital media available for family and musketeers while icing it stays safe.

Digital media is a hot content these days, with numerous wondering who owns a loved one’s digital particulars and how to secure your digital footmark so documents and media remain accessible while staying out of the wrong hands. That’s what GoodTrust has set out to answer.

They offer the capability to set up an account that lets you partake your documents and digital media with loved bones
and musketeers. Through GoodTrust, you can

Make your will fluently shareable
Set up vids and dispatches that your family receives when you ’re gone
Set up a social media end- of- life plan
Set up trusted contact participating
still, GoodTrust is a good result, If you have digital media that you ’d like to keep safe and shareable.

Living Charnel
The Living Charnel focuses on creating a meaningful burial for crematedremains.However, you can place the cremains in an charnel that will turn them into a living honorary tree, If you want to bury your loved one’s cremains and give them an eco burial.

Recompose is a company that provides you with the option to turn your body back into soil. The entire process takes six to eight weeks, at which time the soil will be ready and handed to a designated member of the family.

still, also Coeio might intrigue you, If you want aseco-friendly a burial as possible. Coeio takeseco-burial a step further from the traditional natural burial in a cloak. Rather than belting a body in a standard biodegradable fabric cloak, Coeio came up with their own unique burial cloak or suit.

The perpetuity Burial cloak and suit are both designed to kickstart the cycle of life by helping the body to break down into natural factors. It’s drafted to exclude poisons from the body and girding soil during the corruption process and efficiently deliver nutrients from the body to soil and factory life.

Eterneva is a company that specializes in transubstantiating your loved one’s ashes into diamonds. Using a small quantum of ashes, the company lab- creates a diamond in the cut and color of your picking. Since they only bear a small quantum of ashes per diamond, you can have multiple diamonds created from your loved one’s cremains.

Eterneva offers its diamond creation process for both mortal and precious ashes.

Parting Gravestone
Parting Gravestone provides families with a unique volition to entering cremation ashes and storing them in an charnel . The company uses a personal process to solidify cremains into beautiful, one- of-a-kind monuments. Each set of monuments will be different in size, color, and shape, icing you admit a unique product that honors the individuality of your loved one.

Parting Gravestone offers this unique process for both mortal and precious cremains.

Foreverence is a custom charnel company that creates unique 3D published coffins grounded on your design ideas. Now, you can keep a loved one’s cremains in a small replica of their favorite auto, in a model of the Eiffel Tower, or a replica of their grange. The options are endless with Foreverance since they can design an charnel grounded on a submitted picture, a delineation, or a conception.

Using Technology to Plan End- of- Life Arrangements
Death tech companies are stepping into the gap and furnishing end- of- life planning services directly to individualities and family members.

Not only is death tech helpful for keeping your digital cairn safe, but these companies and services can also help you plan your entire burial, set up your estate, and insure all the little details are taken care of so your family does n’t have to stress when the timecomes.However, set up an account with cutlet moment!
If you ’re ready to start your end- of- life planning or you suppose a loved one would profit from these services.

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